organibox fruit and veg box delivered to the doorstep

Why are we 100% organic?

To put it simply, because we believe it's the only way that farming should be done - it's better for you and better for the planet. Which means that when you eat organic, when you eat our produce, you're eating well and feeling good about your impact on the natural world.

We only work with established growers, who we know and trust to provide us with 100% Soil Association certified organic produce that is the tastiest, freshest and yummiest produce of the season.

As well as helping us supply fresh organic produce direct to your door, our trusted team of growers are very much part of the Organibox family. We work meticulously with our farming friends to better understand the challenges of any particular climate and season, to ensure the finest, freshest produce is always available for you.

Soil Association

The Soil Association control and monitor organic produce in the UK and are crucial to ensure the quality of production as well as industry support. They have the highest standards for animal welfare in the UK as well as supporting quality fruit and vegetable production.

No to Pesticides

Around 400 pesticides are used in farming in the UK and pesticides are often present in non-organic food. Bees and other wildlife matter and by removing these from our produce we can also ensure a high quality produce to our customers.

Soil Matters

Around the world, we are losing soil much faster than it’s formed, alarmingly between 10 and 40 times faster. One UN official stated that we may have fewer than 60 harvests left. 95% of our food production relies on soil, so it has never been more crucial to farm in a way that protects and preserves the soil.

No Preservatives

Hydrogenated fats and controversial artificial food colours and preservatives are banned under organic standards.

Help the Wildlife

Organic farms are havens for wildlife and provide homes for bees, birds and butterflies – there is up to 50% more wildlife on organic farms!

Better Nutrition

Research published in the British Journal of Nutrition found significant differences between organic and non-organic farming.