Miso Glazed Aubergine, Fresh Cucumber, Avocado & Pear Salad

Created by Lewis @theravinchef
Whether it’s a midweek meal or a dinner to impress this recipe is perfect for any occasion. Packed with flavour this sticky roasted aubergine, vibrant and zesty cucumber salad leaves nothing to desire regardless if you’re a meat eater or not. It doesn’t matter if youre a kitchen-phobic or a food enthusiast this dish can make it to the table in less than 30 mins.

Feeds 2
1 Organibox Aubergine
1 Organibox Cucumber
1 Organibox Pear
1 Organibox Avocado
A few sprigs of fresh Corriander ( I had some growing )
Organibox Lime
Sesame Oil
Sesame Seeds
150g or 2 cups of Sushi Rice
25ml Mirin (optional)
Miso Paste

Start by preheating your oven to 175° fan or 185° convection.

Get a heaped tablespoon of your favourite miso paste (I prefer white miso for this recipe) with 25ml of hot water and 25ml of sesame oil and mix until a smooth mixture is formed. Set this to one side as you prepare your aubergine.

Quarter your aubergine length ways and place onto a foil or greaseproof lined baking tray. Brush the flesh side of the aubergine with some of the miso glaze, making sure you reserve plenty to baste with as the aubergine cooks. Place into the oven.

If you’re serving with rice now is the time to start cooking it. Wash your sushi rice thoroughly in cold water by placing in a sieve inside a bowl or large pan filled with cold water. Use your fingers to agitate the rice mixng for 30 seconds or so at a time. You’ll need to change the water 2 or 3 times. You know when its ready when the water stops turning cloudy from the starch you wash off and the water remains clear. Drain the rice and add 200ml of fresh cold water and a pinch of slat to a small saucepan. Bring to a very gentle simmer and then turn onto the lowest heat your stove allows you to. Cover with a lid and leave for 15 minutes ticking over.

Before we start the last element, the salad, it’s the perfect time to give the aubergine a little brush with the miso glaze. So remove from the oven and slather on that rich umamai glaze and then return to the oven.

For the salad, use a peeler to create long ribbons of cucumber. Peel one side until you hit the core, turn 90 degrees and repeat. Cut around the core of the pear and cut into 1 cm thick strips. Make sure you keep the cores of the cucumber and pear and use in your favourite juices or smoothies. Half the avocado, remove the stone, use a spoon to scoop the flesh out and dice into chunks. Place all your fruit and veg into a bowl and dress with the zest and juice of a lime, a drizzle of sesame oil, fresh torn coriander leaves and a sprinkle of sesame seeds. Give it a good mix together and season with salt to taste.

Turn the rice off after the 15 minutes are up and leave to rest for 5 minutes. Again, time for one last brushing of that delicious glaze on the aubergine and return cooking in the over for a further 5 mins. Season the rice after resting with a optional drizzle of mirin and loosen it up with a fork. Et Voila, all your elements are ready. Serve on individual plates to impress your foodie friends or spread it all on a platter and tuck in, its equally as delicious either way.