Dark Chocolate, Roasted Hazelnut & Orange Pavlova, Served on a Muscovado Sugar Meringue

Created by Lewis @theravinchef

Feeds 4 – 6
4 Large Organic Egg Whites
275g Unrefined Dark Muscovado sugar
350ml Whipping Cream
Natural Vanilla Seeds or Paste
2 Organibox Oranges
100g Hazelnuts
150g Organic Dark Chocolate
150g Double Cream

In a large mixing bowl add the 4 egg whites, using an electric whisk whip the egg whites until light and frothy. Once they begin to thicken and turn slightly white add the brown sugar in one spoon at a time. You’ll want to do this at a speed of about one spoon every few seconds. Go too fast and you’ll have a grainy meringue, go too slow and you’ll overwhip it. The mixture should be glossy and hold peaks as you pull the mixer out.

Next fill a jug with some hot water and line a tray with baking paper. Here’s a little chef trick! dab a teaspoon into the meringue and use it to stick down the four corners of the baking paper so it doesn’t move around on you. Take a serving spoon and dunk into the hot water, go straight into the meringue bowl and take a nice, neat scoop out and gently placing onto the baking paper. It should slide straight off due to the hot water.
Place into the oven at 110°c for 1 hour 20 if you like them chewy, or 2 hour 30 for a crunchy meringue. The most important part is that when you’ve cooked to your desired texture, crack the oven open ever so slightly and allow them to sit in the warmth for at least an hour. This will stop the cracking or collapsing.

The hard part is over! All that’s left to do is gently whip up some cream with vanilla. I choose not to put any sugar as the meringue is sweet enough. I prefer to do this by hand as I love a nice softly whipped cream. Slow down as the cream thickens and stop just before your desired consistency. Set to one side.

Peel your oranges, if you want to get fancy you can do this with a knife, carefully cutting around the pith and skin, alternatively just do this by hand. Halve each orange and cut into 5 slices.

Once the meringues are out of the oven place the hazelnuts on a tray, roasting for around 12 minutes at 180°c or until you can smell the nutty roasted aroma coming from the oven. Once they’ve cooled crush under a saucepan or roughly chop with a knife.

Place a meringue on a plate and delicately spread over some delicious whipped cream. Arrange your orange slices on top eleganty and scatter with your roasted hazelnuts. You’re almost ready to go, boil the cream and pour directly over the chocolate. Allow to sit for 30 seconds then mix until a velvety sauce comes together. Serve on the side or drizzle over the top but do note its best served warm.